Climatic conditions

According to the Swiss classification, our Spa belongs to the   climatotherapeutic group, with a moderate degree of first stimulus.

Long sunshine duration throughtout the year (on average over 1800 hours).

From the point of view of the thermal comfort, the area has very favorable conditions for climatic treatment and the spa park only adds to this suitability.

The height above sea level of the area is pleasant and gentle to your organism.

The main natural healing factor is the therapeutically effective mountain climate and accessibility to the alpine climate, which has a beneficial and complex effect on the human organism affected by some of the diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or chronic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis).

The climate is not burdensome and therefore suitable for elderly patients and patients with rhythm disorders who are better off in the alpine forest climate than in alpine. The place is also appropriate for patients with combination of treated indications with rheumatic diseases, with a very good climate for convalescence in heavy conditions and more extensive operations. The Pieniny Mountains are unique because all types of mountain climate, as well as the cave environment, are in a such small horizontal distance.

The Pieniny lies above the dusty atmosphere and are distant from the industrial centers. There are no major industrial sources of air pollution near Pieniny. The area is protected from emissions due to the appropriate location and character of the “wall capturing” – an immission gradient from the emissions transmitted to the West and Northwest air flow. In addition, the air is also cleaned by different vegetation and a continuous snow cover in the winter.

Vážení klienti,

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