Indications & Contraindications

Natural curative and climatic MEDICAL SPA ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR Smerdžonka is aimed to treatment patients over 18 years old with following health indications and problems:

natural healing source

It is a moderately mineralized, slightly alkaline, cold, hypotonic sulphate-hydrogen carbonate, sodium-calcium-magnesium, sulfate, natural healing water. Total water mineralization is 1172 mg / l.

climatic conditions

The location of the spa with its stimulating climate and other favorable bioclimatic characteristics meets all conditions for obtaining the status of a climatic spa site.


Spa treatment is offered for Slovak health insurance companies clients, and their full treatment is covered by the insurance company. Domestic and foreign clients are able to receive Spa treatment as self-payers.

treatment methods

We only provide health care services and treatments for selected diseases in accordance with current recommendations of professional medical bodies and advisors, and according to which we use treatments and care procedures for our medical patients.


Therapeutic and relaxation procedures are followed by the recommendation of your doctor after a medical examination. Procedures can also be arranged for non-spa guests and foreign visitors.



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