Immerse yourself into the realm of your dreams in our MEDICAL SPA Hotel “DOM ZDRAVIA” or romantic SPA APARTMENT HOUSES, embraced with the beauty of smallest National park in Slovakia. Whether you are an individual explorer, a couple in love or a family with children – we believe we are able to meet your expectations.


“Swallow your taste buds” in a place which breaths its own history. You can comfortably sit and enjoy your meal in the first brick-built building from 1884 – the only one preserved from the original historic Spa “Smerdzonka” up to today. At our Spa Restaurant you can not only try and taste traditional and local dishes, but some of the very best culinary specialties as well.

EVENT Celebrations & FAMILY gatherings

Celebrate your important day in the unusual setting of ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR. Our place offers plenty of interesting options to have a great time with your family or friends.

Corporate events

Visit us and discover our great premises to organize a business meeting, business training, congress, conference, workshops, teambuilding or other corporate parties.


Take the advantage of the unique location and diversity of the Northern Spis and Pieniny region for organizing a school trip. It is a great place for an unforgettable experience, gathering new knowledge and learning from local area excursions, while breathing pure Pieniny air allowing you to stay and keep healthy in the beautiful nature. At “Smerdzonka” we offer a place where you can fully engage and enjoy your free time and leisure activities.


Make use of the unusual unique environment, with pure and clean air, where we offer you plenty of opportunities to increase yours, and your team or club sport and fitness performance. The regeneration after an exhausting workout or performance is equally important. You can gather new strength and benefit from our healing and relaxation procedures under the supervision of medical staff.

Sport facilities and Activities


Plan a formal or informal gathering for your organization, community or a club.

Comprehensive services


Vážení hostia,

dovoľujeme si Vás informovať, že prírodné liečebné a klimatické KÚPELE ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR Smerdžonka sú otvorené pre všetkých klientov, za účelom liečebného pobytu i krátkodobého ubytovania, využitia reštauračných služieb, návštevy wellness centra s bazénom alebo poskytovania liečebných aj relaxačných procedúr podľa aktuálne platných opatrení.

Režim prevádzok kúpeľov:
– liečebný pobyt na návrh lekára so zdravotnou indikáciou: režim základ + test
 krátkodobé ubytovanie za účelom oddychu: režim základ + test
– návštevy klientov: sú povolené, nie však na izbách
– reštaurácia: režim základ
– liečebné a relaxačné procedúry pre neubytovaných hostí: režim základ
– wellness centrum s bazénom: režim základ


Režim základ:
– všetky osoby bez ohľadu na to či sú očkované, prekonali ochorenie alebo sú otestované
Režim základ + test:
– všetky osoby, ktoré zdravotný personál v kúpeľoch pred nástupom na liečebný či relaxačný pobyt pretestuje