In the area

The younger ones can have fun on our outdoor playground with a trampoline or a large climbing rope pyramid.

If you like collective sport games and team activities, there is a volleyball and mini-soccer field.

Your endurance skills and intellect can also be tested on a badminton court, or while enjoying the game of petang, Russian skittles and big chess.

You can exercise in our outdoor fitness machines, or refres in an outdoo swimming pool, where you can test your strength by swimming against strong water stream.

The overall experience of our beautiful environment is complemented with the Spa park with the herb and flower garden. The praying Chapel of Holy Mother Mary is located within the park, where you can accumulate your spiritual strength and find the peace of your mind. The Kneipp therapy is another uniqueness we have to offer you. It supports your walking balance and helps the blood circulation of your feet.

Kneipp therapy is a water curing procedure based on the impact that heat and cold change has on your organism. You begin with a slow walk in a cold water combined with high legs lifting, which causes an irritation of the footh thermoreceptors. Therapy has beneficial effect on the metabolism, it improves the blood circulation, tonifies muscles and contributes to the overall strengthening of the body. The passage through the water follows the balancing walkway. The effect of barefoot walking on different types of surface stimulates receptors (nerve endings) of the foot and the subsequent reflex response of the whole body muscles. The procedure has a positive effect on maintaining the joint stability and balance of the organism.

While you are already at MEDICAL SPA ČERVENÝ KLÁŠTOR Smerdžonka do not miss the chance to taste healthy mineral healing water Smerdžonka directly from the spring.

For a better overview of our sports and leisure zones, see the map of the spa area.

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